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There are many people who have no difficulty lending to a German bank, and other people have a harder time getting credit. This is because there are many people who do not meet the conditions for lending. There are many cases where one’s own creditworthiness is undetectable. The most important requirements for the banks are that an existing income is sufficient and that the credit bureau information is in order.

In the information of the credit bureau various information can be obtained about a consumer. A loan without proof of income and negative entries in the credit bureau is awarded to any lender in Germany. About a foreign bank there is the so-called Swiss credit, where no credit bureau information is obtained. But since income also plays an important role here, there will be no credit here without proof.

Proof of income plays an important role everywhere

Proof of income plays an important role everywhere

Some credit seekers do not want to or can not prove their income, and still others have no fixed income. The credit without proof is hardly possible with the foreign banks, as well as with the banks in Germany. A Swiss loan from a bank abroad is generally a bit easier to obtain and above all the information provided by the credit bureau is waived. However, even here a regular and attachable income is the most important security, so that the repayment is guaranteed.

At a German bank, there is no credit without proof, which here are usually required for the lending of many documents. The documents include account statements, which can be used to prove the receipt of money, the last three to six payslips, the number of individual banks varies and often a copy of the employment contract is required. For banks, not only the amount of income is crucial, because the banks also pay attention to the regularity.

It is precisely for this reason that self-employed and freelancers have a harder time, as the income is rather irregular. While there may be exceptions, credit is usually impossible without proof either domestically or abroad. Often, credit seekers then try to provide other collateral, often without income. If the banks do not lend, then this can also have advantages for the prospect. Many people overestimate their financial situation and then there are payment difficulties.

Is there still a possibility for a loan without proof?

Is there still a possibility for a loan without proof?

Overall, banks will not be able to obtain a loan without proof. Apart from the banks, the prospect has other options if he urgently needs money. As a rule, it is always possible to borrow money from a relative or acquaintance, although the lender must, of course, have a great deal of trust in this area. However, this is often a way to get a cheap loan. Another option is a pawnshop. No proof is required because the security is in the item that has been pledged.

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