Is a loan without proof of income the way to hell?

The current market is quite easy to give the impression that reaching for money is not a serious complication. In particular, non-bank providers offer a simple request system, just tap the basic data into your computer and within a few minutes you will be notified of the amount transferred in your account.

Simple conditions no longer define students, withdraws, parents from maternity or unemployed from successful negotiations. You can also borrow money with an entry in the debtors register. Great freedom can then bring both unpleasant disappointment and big problems.

Place the bank comfortably to the computer

Place the bank comfortably to the computer

Due to the loan application you no longer have to go through a lengthy personal meeting at a branch. Everything can be found on the Internet. You can review the loan terms, fill in the application form and manage the money transfer.

Demanding administration is not just the bank’s own malice. Banks are directly required by law to require proof of income for offered loans. They must minimize the risk and limit the applicants with the necessary documents to those who are most likely to return the amount provided to the bank. In a way, it also protects its clients. It will simply lend only to those clients who have sufficient income in the long term and will not jeopardize their standard of living.

Each coin has two sides

Each coin has two sides

In particular, non-banking entities can afford to take a greater risk. It offers loans available to all and thus fills the niche market. They only work with theoretical income information and do not have to take into account the minimum subsistence level, outstanding liabilities or responsibility towards other dependents in the same household. They can offer a loan available to all applicants literally.

Even with careful spending planning, you can run into sudden financial distress without your own fault. The employer holds the paycheck, breaks down the car on which the daily logistics of the whole family depends, breaks down a large home appliance, or… your dentist’s account will surprise you. Sudden adversity must be resolved quickly and prevent worse problems.

As if it was not enough that you were only working on an agreement, receiving a pension, or being temporarily assigned to the category of beautiful but underestimated parental responsibilities. Non-bank loans are virtually the only chance for you to solve a sudden problem with dignity and speed.

With reasonable conditions and reliable action

With reasonable conditions and reliable action

Finn is a non-bank loan that allows you to quickly and acutely tackle the acute shortage of finance and help you overcome difficult times. It also offers tools to help you make an objective decision about your target amount. You can browse through the listed conditions directly on the Finn website and also use the interactive calculator. By varying the amount of the loan, you will get real numbers about the amount and number of installments immediately.

This will help you evaluate your situation better and choose a solution that will help you now and will not jeopardize normal family management in the coming period. Finn remains fully open to any change in your situation. It does not prevent early repayment of the loan and it does not burden you with a fine. In case of inability to receive timely payment of installments, it offers a solution in deferred payment or a new payment schedule. A loan is a serious step and should always be preceded by mature consideration. However, you can choose a safe and affordable solution.

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