The challenge of money

After an afternoon of shopping with her friends, student Clara Nunes, 23, realized that something should change. The girl who always preferred to use cards, bought with them from a cheese bread in the bakery to the equipment of your kitchen. However, upon arriving home and accessing his account, he realized that something had eluded him of his control that afternoon.

Fear of seeing the money run out

Fear of seeing the money run out

This behavior, very common among Brazilians, basically reflects our fear of seeing the money run out. When we make our purchases with money, it seems that our pocket feels more. Is not it? It was this excuse that Clara wanted to hide. The girl felt a pain when she spent her notes on the wallet, but using her 3 cards, that discomfort did not exist.

When someone asked her why she did not use money, her answer was simple: “using a card meant more control because I could actually see my spending through the statements.” But did Clara actually do that? No. His budget, from month to month, looked like a dog that could get off the leash at any moment.

So to help the student, we would make the Money Challenge . Basically, the girl would have only 500 reais at the beginning of the month and could use that money on essential expenses such as food and transportation and, if she was on budget, leisure on weekends. What would you do with the rest of the salary? Nothing, this month there would be a walk in stores, shopping on the internet, the challenge was not to exceed this value.

Our approach was very simple: Clara would take the money cake and put it in an envelope. With him, he would write his spending last month, and how he would use only the $ 500. The challenge was not simple, the young woman would have to improve several expenses, but even then she was very excited for the competition: “I already know where these cuts will be!”.

The beginning of the challenge


The beginning of the challenge was not as easy as Clara imagined. In the first week, he received an invitation to dine with his classmates, who would celebrate Lucas’ birthday. She, who had not seen the staff since the end of the vacation, decided to meet them. Leaving home with only 40 reais, the young woman took a ride with her friend and along the way told about the challenge that had entered.

The night was great, until it took a fright when the bill came to 60 reais per person. This value would be no nonsense compared to their outputs before the challenge. However, with only 500 reais in the month, the student found herself cursed.

As Clara told us about this episode, she commented that she was already taking her credit card out of the wallet to pay for what was missing. Until Luke gave the good news to the gang and said he would pay half the bill. “At that moment I felt a great relief, I already knew that I could not make that mistake anymore. I was back in the game and now it was time for me to plan better. “

I’m getting better


“After a week, my decisions are visibly different. Now, when I need something, I go to the store, buy it, and leave. I no longer think of walking through the corridors of the malls. In the supermarket I have some difficulties, but my mother gave me some tips, like always go with a shopping list. This is making my life easier. “

In addition to these changes, Clara began cooking, rather than calling the delivery or going out to dinner. At weekends, he prefers to give a lift to his friends, who split the parking lot between them. In addition, the outlets, which were irrigated with good doses of drink, were also diminishing.

“Even the sushi was tastier.” Confess the girl, that the habit of saving left everything with a special taste.

The end of the challenge

With a week left to finish the challenge, Clara sent us an e-mail informing us that the 500 reais had finished. Even so, the student was really pleased with her outcome. “In a funny way I had to deal with a much smaller budget than it was before … I think it was even better than I expected.”

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